The Countdown to the Truce Tournament 2014

In order to commemorate the exceptional events at Christmas 1914 the English Premier League stages the annual Truce Tournament. It is again in Ypres where youth football teams from England, Belgium, France and Germany meet and set a sign for peace and reconciliation. This year’s edition of the tournament welcomes two more countries which were fighting in the First World War – Scotland and Austria.

The 2014 Truce Tournament also features the kick-off of a new educative resource – The Countdown. The Countdown presents the different nations which take part in the Truce Tournament. Each nation is represented by one club. Each club is portrayed by two players of the U12 team. The boys explain us their daily life, they show us around their stadium, they present us a typical national dish. They show us their special tricks. And together with their team they sing a club anthem and a pop song. Finally we will get some impressions of a typical training session in the club.

The Countdown website is divided into five rooms:

  1. Language Room: Here we learn every day a new word in football.
  2. Geography Room: Here we learn more about the participating clubs, their stadia and the daily life in their countries.
  3. Players Room: Here we learn more about the players, their favourite tricks and songs.
  4. Training Room: This room is for coaches and teachers. We get to learn exercises which revive street games and combine football with foreign language learning in a fun way.
  5. News Room: Here you may find general news on the project.

The Countdown works like a Christmas calendar. Every day before the Truce Tournament we get to know a new lesson in each of the rooms.

We would like to thank all partners, clubs and children who helped us to launch this website.

We hope you enjoy the countdown to the Truce tournament!